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Providing complete solutions with innovative approaches in order to add value to your business.

“Your business has what it takes to shine. That’s why we’re dedicated to high-quality work and innovation.” 


"I wanted to create a a combination of management and design consultancy that can deliver innovative yet feasible solutions. 

Since opening OC Innovation in 2019, I’ve had one goal in mind: creating high-quality solutions while leveraging my global network that I developed over the last 15 years across Asia, Europe, and N. America. 


OC Innovation offers a unique set of services, carried out by our dedicated team of experienced professionals." 

Georgios Marketakis is an innovation executive with 15 years of consulting experience across start-up, national, and multinational clients in Asia, Europe, and N. America including:


  • 14+ years at Accenture, North Highland, S.POINT and Cordence.

  • 10+ years of experience in academics in CUNY and SUNY

  • Experience includes but not limited to Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Reinsurance Group of America, Mercedes, Audi, VW, NIO, FAW, Infiniti/Nissan, Starbucks, McDonalds, Danone, Colgate, Bosch, Dyson, PepsiCo, Xerox, Yale University...

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Our Story

The OC Innovation founders believed that innovation should defy boundaries or borders. To bring their vision to life, they created OC Innovation, a combination of management consulting and design agency. Since then, our team has undertaken projects around the globe. 

Clients across the world can benefit from our global network and partners. We bring together a team of innovators from many different backgrounds and geographies. This is what makes OC Innovation special. 


Our Guiding Principles

With offices in different countries - China, Singapore and Greece -  and strategic partners in key locations, we can bring together a team of innovators from many different professional backgrounds and geographies. 

We operate as one team and use our principles as a guide on every project:​

Innovative Thinking
Business Value
Sustainable Solutions
Lasting Experiences

Clients & Prior Experience


Facts & Figures


Awards and recognitions for consulting and design.


Projects completed in the last 3 years.


Countries and over 150 resources globally.


Main industries and areas of focus.

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