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Services & Pricing

We aim to provide quality resources to businesses seeking hands-on support. We understand that every business has unique needs, which is why we offer flexible hours tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need a single resource to work on a specific project or just help with a specific aspect of your business, we've got you covered.


In addition, we offer a hassle-free approach, with no commitment on hours, so we can focus on what matters to you. 

For those that look to explore new app ideas we can provide proof of concept/prototype via our App Design or develop an MVP solution via our fixed price packages. 

Project Execution 40 - 85 € / hour

Resource Type:

  • Project Manager

  • Product Manager

  • Business Analyst

  • Design Resources


  • Weekly Status with Director 

  • No minimum hour commitment

  • Discount for higher hour volume

  • Resource interview alignment 


Technology Integration 65 - 90 € / hour or Fixed Fee Based on Deliverables 

Resource Type:

  • Technology Researcher

  • Business Requirements

  • Concept Visualization 

  • Case Study "Writer"  


  • Weekly Status with Director 

  • No minimum hour commitment

  • Hourly or Deliverable Based

  • Resource interview alignment 


App Design & Development - Package Price

App Design: 4950 

  • Design Research

  • User Personas

  • Branding & Logo

  • MVP Requirements

  • Figma - 75 screens

  • Clickable Prototype

  • Promotional Video

MVP Solution: 19500 

  • Market Research

  • User Research & Personas

  • Data Schema

  • UI/UX, Branding, & Logo

  • MVP Requirements - 75 screens

  • iOS & Android App

  • 6 months post-launch support

Let's Work Together

Let's find 15 minutes to chat and provide value to your business today!

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