What we do

Through our knowledge, diverse background, and experience in the field of innovation, we can give life to any idea and plan of our client.

Our know-how from Asia and our temperament from Europe provide the best results in every project we undertake.

The network of factories and innovation centers create the right environment for the customer who will work with us

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We concentrate our services on key industries that we can drive value and growth for our clients especially in retail, consumer products, FMCG, automotive/mobility, and health/human care.


• Consumer

• Competitor Analysis

• Customer Journey

• Engineering

• Marketing 

• Product

• User


• Concept Visualization

• Content + Video

• Graphic

• Industrial

• Space + Event Design

• Structural Design



• App Development 

• Design Execution

• Production Coordination​

• Program Management 

• Project Management

• Manufacturing Sourcing​

• Vendor Management


How we can work together

Execution Summary


We start with the client’s request and explore the needs of the user, market, regulations, etc. to understand the overall “environment”.


That drives our strategy and ideation and help us

identify new product and service opportunities.


We then design and develop the solutions while transforming the business model.


Throughout the process we use our methodology and capabilities to enhance the solutions.


• knowledge transfer and cost effective

• integrated solutions and services

• 5-7 projects per year


• solution based on a specific request

• fixed timeframe and budget 

• project scope 


• useful for execution design work

• summary research reports

• unlimited revisions

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